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Green House RO Plant

Reliably fulfilling the water treatment needs of our clients, we are a notable manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Green House RO Plant. Our plants are widely utilized for the water purification purpose in pharmacy & hospital, mineral water processing, underground water softening, chemical industry, electric component manufacturing, etc. Our Green House RO System are highly effective in eliminating color, salt, bacteria, organic chemicals, lead particles from the contaminated water. Consumption of water purified by our plants reduce the risk of high blood pressure, anemia, kidney damage, and more. Designing of our Green House RO Plant are done in a manner to reduce wastage, save energy and offer pure water.
In the purification process of our Green House RO Plant the contaminated water is first chlorinated and pumped via pressure sand filters. This filter separates all the suspended impurities like organic waste and mud from the water. Inorganic impurities, foul odor and bad taste are eliminated by passing the water through an activated carbon filter. The overall water filtration process in our Green House RO System is conducted in an eco-friendly manner by causing no green house effect.


  • Excellent Water Purification
  • Widely Compatible Design
  • Long Life Filter Membrane
  • Effectual Performance & Efficiency
  • Well Defined Working Process

Green House Reverse Osmosis Plant
Green House Reverse Osmosis Plant
The hard water which is saline in nature is not good for our consumption and usage. Therefore the water treatment plants are becoming a necessity of our daily life. Green House RO Plants are the preferred choice of the customer as it saves 40% on fertilizer costs and removes bacteria and recycle nutrient water. These plants are based on Reverse Osmosis (RO)- broadly used techniques in the filtration process. They are good at saving water usage too.
Price Range : 550000.00 - 1050000.00 INR
Water Purifier Plant
Water Purifier Plant
Water purifier plant ensembles chemical, electrical and mechanical techniques in order to get rid of infectious, toxic and unhealthy water impurities. These systems follow rigorous processes used in purification such as sedimentation, reverse osmosis, ozone treatment and filtration. Raw water (untreated) source could be surface water bodies such as rivers, lake and also ground water.
Price Range : 150000.00 - 350000.00 INR

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