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Mineral Water Plant
We offer Mineral Water Plant, which ensures easy purification of water and makes it potable. Killing the microorganisms and settling the dross without making disturbance in the water balance, offered system is widely applicative for commercial purposes. It comes with advantages of simple usage, industrially approved design and energy efficiency.
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Offered Waste Water Treatment Plants are used for the water treatment via the process of withdrawing contamination from waste water, mainly from the sewage of household. The plants includes biological, chemical and physical processes to exclude these contaminants and make environmentally safer & treated waste water. Making reduction in the pollutant load, these plants come with effortless operation.
Industrial RO Plant
All our Industrial RO Plants, which are specifically configured and configured to cater to the individual requirement of the water differing from normal drinking utilization to some other specific utilization such as pharmaceutical, food processing, boiler feeding and various others. Offered plants are simple to use and come with simplicity of fixture.
Water Softener Plant
Used for the procedure of water softening, offered Water Softener Plant helps in the separation of magnesium, calcium and various other metal ions of hard water. The resulting soft water, these plants efficiently proffer is more compatible with cleansers and assist in increasing the lifetime of plumbing system. The plants treat the water in such as way that it eliminates galvanic corrosion.
DM Plant
We deal in DM Plant for the process of demineralization, which takes away mineral salts from water by utilizing the ion exchange procedure. This water is totally free of dissolved minerals as an effect of the procedures of distillation, deionization, membrane filtration, electrodyalisis or other technologies. Offered DM Water Plants come with pre-dispatch assembly check and ensures less power consumption.
ETP Plant
The ETP Plant is peculiarly organized for the treatment of the effluent waste-water utilization that comes from assorted orbits of the plant. The Effluent Treatment Plant consists chemical, physical and biological process so as to eliminate the harmful ions from water. This plant is highly dependent on site and industry and cut down hauling and off-site treatment expenditure.
STP Plant
We deal in highly serviceable STP Plants, which can solve out several drainage disposal problems when primary drainage is not accessible. These are cheaper in comparison with septic tanks and come with soak-away drain-fields. Capable to discharge straight into a ditch, these are oftentimes called as bio sewage systems, bio septic tanks or biodigesters.
Ultra Filtration Plant
Ultra Filtration Plant is applicable for pretreatment and post treatment procedures. These come with compact units, strapping mild steel powder coated frames, protected high pressure pump membranes and other safety features. Used for the separation of bacteria, suspended solids, all particulate substance, colloidal materials and viruses, these can efficiently handle the undulation of total liquified solids removal.
Green House RO Plant
We provide Green House RO Plant, which can be utilized on industrial level for the conversion of hard water in to soft water. Offered plants are used in greenhouses so as to boom the production of certain crops to be cultivated throughout the year. These make their role ever more crucial in contributing to the food provision (particularly in marginal environments).
EDI Plant
The EDI Plant is employed after RO for the polishing of demineralized water so as to get the low levels of silica and conductivity. It is an alternative, which can be used in the place of conventional mixed-bed polisher. Applicable in electronic business, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and laboratories, it utilizes a chemical-free regeneration. Offered plant comes with space-saving designs and is easy to operate.
Drinking Water Treatment Plants
Offered Drinking Water Treatment Plants are particularly stacked to clean waste-water for discharge into watercourses or some other receiving waters. These accelerate the natural procedures by which water is distilled and make water appropriate and safe for its end use that is drinking. These plants are accessible with space-saving designs and functional efficiency.
Swimming Pool Filtration Plant
Swimming Pool Filtration Plant is used for the execution of process, which insures healthy conditions in hot tubs, plunge pools, swimming pools, and kindred recreational water locales. These quality based high performance plant is particularly organized to proffer best filtration assistance for swimming pool water. Accoutered with umpteen technical features, it provides uniform performance in arenas of commercial and non commercial industries.
Desalination Systems
Tackling with seawater desalinization needs cautious testing as well as precise design the project life-cycle. We are offering Desalination Systems, which efficiently remove wastes and reduce the turbidity from any unpalatable or seawater source. With the utilization of these systems, the extraction of minerals is done and pure water is obtained.
Bottling Plant
We deal in best quality Bottling Plant, which is specifically configured to execute the bottling for small, big and medium industries involved in the beverage field. It is available with different models as well as changeable number of valves, nozzles and heads so as to perform the filling, capping and rinsing of the bottles.
Filler Machine
Our range of Filler Machines takes your beverage packaging via an atomistic journey, which chemically and physically tests the recipe, PH level, viscosity, and carbonation of the liquid products. The machines determine the accurate size, closure, shape and PET resins so as to make an optimal packaging. These Liquid Filling Machine are capable to handle the liquid products with uttermost precision and efficiency.
Rotary Bottle Washing Machines
Rotary Bottle Washing Machines come with many functional features and work with rotary principle. Operative through a mechanism, it is capable to execute loading and unloading of the bottles. These Bottle Washing Machines are particularly designed to adapt bottle with varied neck diameter as well as bottle diameter. These come with solenoid valves so as to enable the timings regulation of and sequence of several washing medias.
Blow Mold Machine
Blow Mold Machines are utilized for making glass bottles and can be availed with three blow molding procedures. These go through a process in which air pressure is utilized to expand soft plastic into a mold space. These Plastic Blow Molding Machines are employed for assorted crucial industrial procedures so as to make one-piece hollow plastic components with thin dividers.
Glass Filling & Sealing Machine
Offered Glass Filling & Sealing Machines are used for fulfilling the various sealing demands of aluminum foils. Providing speedy & efficient performance, these Glass Filling Machine, Glass Sealing Machine are featured with detector devices, being utilized for the detection of missing foil in the cap. Offered products are widely utilized in the industries of beverage, pharmaceutical, food processing and hospitality.
Volumetric Syrup Filler Machine
Volumetric Syrup Filler Machines are utilized for the filling of syrup into bottles and come with advanced filling accuracy. These Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine are accessible with optimal filling system, vibration free structure for hassle free performance. These proffer simple control panel for absolute control on operation and are available with minimal change overtime.
Soda Water Bottle Washing Machine
Soda Water Bottle Washing Machines are spotlessly built for their applications in variegated industries and are suited for various kinds of plane, round bottles and some other types of containers. These come with changeable washing capacity, optimum automation level, non-stop cleaning, friendly control system, advanced processing capability and rust free construction.
Automatic Form Fill Seal Machine
Our Automatic Form Fill Seal Machines are automated machines, which are capable to be employed in widespread utilization and have been separated into two broad collections namely granules and powder. These particular packaging machines are utilized in the packaging of powders, tablets , tea coffee, granules, spices, detergents, khaini and various other grains in small quantities.
Digital Batch Coding Machine
We are offering Digital Batch Coding Machines, which are also named as marking and date printing machines. These find various applications in pharmaceutical and other industries for the packaging of several items and code the printing of mfg., exp. date., batch no. date and other things or laminated and varnished labels, cartons, pouches, cotton bags, tin bottoms, poly-pack bags etc.
Chiller Machine
We offer Chiller Machines, which are organized to remove heat from a fluid through the use of absorption refrigeration cycle and vapour-compression. This fluid can then be spread via a heat exchanger so as to cool the equipment. These Water Chilling Machine can be installed for outdoor and indoor installation and are cooled by an abstracted condenser water grommet.

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