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Water Softener Plant

We have attained a strong market goodwill as a reliable manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Water Softener Plant. This remarkable array of products include Water Softeners, Commercial Water Softener, Precession Water Softener Plant, and more. Our Water Softening Plant are reliably used in various application areas including boiler water, paper making, textile printing & dyeing, food processing, etc., for the removal magnesium and calcium from water. The offered Water Softener Plant have dynamic control accuracy of ±0.5%, which makes them highly efficient in their water softening performance. Further, their innovative ion exchange principle helps in delivering pure and soft water.

Our Commercial Water Softener Plant come with double tank system for the separate preparation and production of water. UP flow regeneration system integrated in our softening plants improves their capability to achieve low salt concentration and unmatched quality water outflow. The offered plants are designed in a manner that all the parts are easy to reach for repairing, servicing, cleaning and disinfecting. The flow rate of our Water Softening Plant are easy to control according to requirement, thus, making the procedure cost effective and reliable.


  • Outstanding Water Softening Performance
  • Low Malfunction Proportion
  • Continuous Outflow
  • Controllable Flow Rate
  • Silica Sand Filter Material
Water Softening Plant
Water Softening Plant
WS 74
We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Water Softeners in the industry. These equipments are used for removing dissolved harmful minerals from water, making it ideal for drinking and other purpose. In these softeners, a high synthetic resin is used which exchanges sodium ions with calcium and magnesium ions present in raw water that forms the hardness. Our softening equipments are widely used in commercial, residential and industrial level.
Commercial Water Softener
Commercial Water Softener
CWS 07
We are widely acknowledged in the international market, as we manufacture and export an excellent range of Commercial Water Softener. This type of water softener is installed at commercial places. The water softener is suitable for dishwashers, pools, laundry systems and ice machines, as hard water containing calcium and magnesium ions can affect the functioning of the appliances. Our entire range of water softener makes the water fit for varied commercial uses.

"Our company deals only in Commercial & Industrial Fields."