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DM Plant is operated with the process of demineralization so as to ensure the effective removal of minerals from water. It does this work by making use of ion exchange resins. This is required to provide a high level purity of water.
Semi Auto Blow Moulding (2+2 Cavity) machine has a functional interface that enables convenience & efficiency. It features high & low-pressure compressors, water chillers and refrigerant driers for ensuring the optimal performance.
RO XAT Model has advanced water purifying capacity. This can work flawlessly in every condition and can remove the residues of low & high salt concentration.
X MAX RO Classic FRP 2000 LPH is proffered with high-technology purifying capacity. Water delivered by this unit is devoid of all dissolved minerals. It is designed for the complete purification of desalinated contaminated water.
Fully Auto Rotary Bottling Machine is a fast-operation machine, designed for filling the bottles in terms of automation. This cost-effective and modular solution boasts of a PLC based operation.
X MAX RO FRP 5000 LPH is a specific model that is exclusively suitable for fruit syrup production, dialysis, boiler feeding, food processing, pharmaceuticals, hydrogen production, beverages effluent, wastewater processing etc.
STP Plant is the plant made for taking off contaminants from the waste water. It acquires the waste from industrial, domestic and commercial sources and then take off all the impurities, responsible to damage or degrade the quality of water.
MWP Turnkey Project is a perfect for the projects of equipment procurement as well as food processing expansions. So easy and manageable, it brings umpteen benefits of various businesses.

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About Indian Ion Exchange & Chemicals Ltd.

Empowered by technical acumen and state-of-the-art facilities, we, Indian Ion Exchange & Chemicals Ltd. are involved in developing and providing varied high precision plants for the treatment of water and waste water. Incorporated in the year 1993, we have established ourselves as a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of Mineral Water Treatment Plants, Reverse Osmosis Plants and Water Treatment Plants which contain leading-edge filtration technology in order to assure the obliteration of physical, chemical and biological impurities. Also, we fabricate and design high-test Commercial RO Plants in line with configuration desired as well as technology required. We make sure the optimum operation so that the water, treated by our plants, not only conforms to but also betters the standards, thus wholesome to human health. Reverse osmosis plants, water treatment plants and others we deal in are provided in the industry to evade the disease-causing bacteria from water. Water treatment has become an easy process in the industry due to these innovative solutions, which can save you from the worlds water crisis as well. As a company that is indulged in wastewater treatment & wastewater management, we relentlessly put new technologies in our operations. Our company looks to reduce the pure water insufficiency from world and make earth a worthy place to live in. Besides, we have ethical business policies, which let us to win the satisfaction of patrons.
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